Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome Fellow Zombie Lovers !!!

(This site contains strong language, gory violence, adult themes, nudity, and sexual situations. If you are under the age of consent go elsewhere. If you are a film maker or studio and don't like us using your trailer or other copyrighted material, be a dick and ask us to take them down. My goal is to promote these films, and bring them to the attention of fans.)

Long before the current resurgence in the popularity of the zombie movie genre or zombies in general, two men, James and Steve shared their enjoyment of these films. Together they watched dozens of zombie films, the good, the bad, and the atrocious. They diligently sought out every zombie movie they could find, and wrote reviews mainly for their own edification. Steve moved to a different city, and that seemingly put an end to that.... until now. With a renewed sense of purpose I will follow the calling, a largely unrewarding calling, I might add. On this site I will continue that work and review, not only EVERY Romero style zombie film ever made, but a myriad of others in the ever evolving landscape of living dead cinema. While I am first and foremost a follower of George A. Romero's canon, I will include films that cause zombification through viral outbreaks, parasites, infiltration by a hostile extraterrestrial force, radioactive waste, and the many other methods that have been conceived. In other words if it looks like a zombie and acts like a zombie is expected to by the viewing public you'll find it here.  Not included are films that feature blind skeletons in robes on horseback, Haitian style voodoo creatures, or the like. It is not enough just to have died and come back, or appear re-animated. All films given a three star review or higher are well made, enjoyable, and gory enough to keep the discerning viewers interest. Everything else will be given the rating it truly deserves. 

I will also review zombie short films both professional and amateur not only to give exposure to these film makers, but to give you, the reader, a chance to see them. I will post these shorts along with the review whenever possible. Short amateur films will get the same rating treatment, but they will issue stars subjectively in relation to other amateur efforts. I love people who have the balls to follow through on their passion even if the final product is less than satisfactory. Great care and consideration, not to mention countless hours in front of the television and big screen will allow me to compile what I hope will become the most comprehensive listing and rating of motion pictures featuring the Living Dead available anywhere. I hope this site becomes a useful reference tool to the reader, before you buy, rent, pay per view, download, or queue a zombie film I hope you will check here from your PC or mobile device first. It was designed so that you don't waste your time, money, or bandwidth.

The film list was originally started in the mid - 90s, so reviews have to be written for films made since then. I keep the reviews short, and try to avoid spoilers whenever possible. Also provided are the film's original trailers if they are available. This site will be updated as time permits, at this moment there are over 400 films that either have to be watched, reviewed, entered, or all three. I will do this as time permits, so check back often and please send me your thoughts. If I thought  something was mortifying in its sheer awfulness and you disagree let me know. Debate is the back bone of civilization. Also don't forget to bring to my attention any films you think I may have missed, or that you highly recommend. This is done by fans for fans.

Update: I try, Lord knows I try to keep the reviews coming on a timely basis. I have now passed the 200 mark, and you may have noticed that it is taking longer between reviews. The problem that I am experiencing is burn out, I have to take longer breaks to try and maintain any semblance of objectivity. Most of the films being shoved out on a monthly basis are just utter shit, so if I try to follow any kind of schedule I would just end up hating the genre that I love so much. Please bear with me, I will not stop until the mission is complete. Thanks for your support and encouragement!

James Saito

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