Saturday, May 28, 2011


Juan Of The Dead 2011 - ***1/2 This is one of the films that captures you instantly. Does it closely resemble the film it derives its name from? It most certainly does. Two best buddies use their ingenuity to combat a zombie outbreak in an often hilarious manner. While the premise is identical to "Shaun Of The Dead", there are some notable differences. The outbreak here takes place in Cuba, so there are anti-Castro digs subtle and not so subtle throughout. The movie doesn't beat one over the head with its political agenda, but manages to make the audience aware of some of the problems that the country deals with. Juan is a bit of a loser. He can't maintain a relationship due to his womanizing ways, or seem to keep an honest job. As he points out, he is a survivor; having endured the hardships his country has undergone. Together with his best friend Lazaro, they decide to make money by killing people's zombified relatives at the height of the outbreak. Juan puts together a rag tag team of zombie killers that include his estranged daughter, a transvestite, and a bruiser type who can't stand the sight of blood. Violence aplenty ensues, though it is not of the overly graphic variety. The zombies are very well done and plentiful. This is a thoroughly enjoyable film from beginning to end.It is a metaphor for the resilience and spirit of the Cuban people. You simply must watch this one.

Junk 2000 - * You either like Japanese zombie films or you don't. This one is not representative of a good one.

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