Saturday, May 28, 2011


Undead 2003 - *** This Australian entry is an enjoyable romp. The plot revolves around what appears early on to be an alien invasion. A comet breaks breaks apart sending pieces of itself into our atmoshpere turning the citizens of the small Aussie community of Berkeley into the walking dead. It features very well done gore and makeup, and the acting is above average for a film with this kind of medium budget. There are times that its attempts at humor fall flat, largely due to an over the top performance by Dirk Hunter as an inept cop. Hunter appears to be trying to channel Eric Idle, but just comes off as an ass. We did enjoy the weird understated performance by Mungo McKay as the main zombie killer Marion, though a lot of his action sequences were, well, ridiculous. This film offers new nothing new, but it stands on its own as an interest keeping gorefest. Although it sets itself up for a sequel, it appears that one isn't forthcoming. Too bad.

Undead Or Alive: A Zombedy 2007 - **1/2 When we first saw Chris Kattan's name attached to this Western film we were hesitant, but later were pleasantly surprised. The title says it all it is a zombie comedy, and a damn enjoyable one at that. Great gore effects make it one to see.

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