Saturday, May 28, 2011


Vengeance Of The Zombies 1972 - * A little blood, a little nudity, a lot of snoring.

Video Dead 1987 - **1/2 A worthwhile, low budget flesh feast containing loads of unintentional humor.

Virgin Among The Living Dead 1971 - 1/4* To say this is an incomprehensible jumble of images and story telling is to understate. This film should only be screened to punish a cheating spouse! A virginal women inherits a family estate occupied by her dead relatives ? She is menaced by zombies (guys with pancake make-up on). The estate itself actually exists ? It's all a dream ? Who the fuck knows ? not the viewer certainly. If you only miss one film this year, make it this one !!!

Virus Undead 2008 - * What this German made film is not is a tale with your traditional zombies. In this case the title is misleading as the zombies here are not dead, rather they are infected with a mutated form of the avian flu. The symptoms of this virus perfectly mimic traditional zombie behavior. What this German made film is, is boring. The tale of the Grandson of one of the world's leading immunologists and his buddies identifying and trying to find a cure for the disease while fighting off the infected is long, tedious, and only saved by a modicum of watchable gore (most of the violent scenes are shot in the dark so that one can barely make out what is happening onscreen. Maybe that's the point.) as well as a ho hum sex scene. Oh yeah, there are a great many shots of birds, a great many.

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