Saturday, May 28, 2011


Oasis Of The Zombies 1982 - *1/2 A.K.A. "Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies".This isn't a great film by any stretch of the imagination. It is though Jess Franco's most hailed attempt at a zombie film. Like many Italian horror films of the eighties it has a convoluted, uninteresting plot for no particular reason. Like most of Franco's films it is just watered down Fulci, but does feature some decent flesh eaters.

Osombie 2012 - **1/2 This one kind of surprised us by surpassing our expectations. Yes it is a B movie, but in reality it's more of a B+. The zombie make-up is fantastic, there are some interesting kills however two things grow tiresome quickly. There is an abundance of Computer generated head shots, and blood hitting the camera lens, both are just passable effects. There seems to be a trend in the new films where the focus of the violence is on the killing of the undead, and very little gore in terms of them killing humans. Maybe it's more cost effective. One cannot find fault in the production values, acting, or costuming - there is though the nagging problem of the script. There are scenes early in the film meant to evoke an emotional response, but the viewer hasn't had a chance to develop any affection for the characters. It is an ongoing problem because the characters here are one dimensional caricatures. When they are not telling lame jokes, they are spouting  cliches, and sarcasm. Some of the action sequences sacrifice believability for a cheap scare. It's extremely hard to believe that a group of U.S. Rangers can be snuck up upon in the middle of a desert when they are in a defensive stance. Overall it was just adequate, which is to say, it was better than a lot of recent efforts. We did find the idea of Islamic suicide zombies unique and funny. Not a great addition to the genre, but it is definitely worth a look.

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