Saturday, May 28, 2011


Quarantine 2008 - **1/2 This Hollywood remake of {REC} may be the same scene by scene, but it loses some of its horror luster with a larger budget and production values. It is definitely worth seeing, but check out the original first.


Quarantine 2: Terminal 2011 - 1/2* We are getting so tired of virally infected films. Please just give us some walking dead people. This film has very little to do with the first, and deviates entirely from {REC}2. A plane carrying the bio terrorist who set the virus loose in the first film experiences an outbreak. When it lands it is (any guesses?) quarantined. The plot follows what by now is just standard fare in the genre, the quarantined try to escape with their lives. The movie is well crafted and the acting is good for the most part, but it's all been done before. The gore contained is unimaginative, the make-up standard - everything is just ho hum. Skip It.

The Quick And The Undead 2006 - *** Zombie film makers, film makers, and those who turn Saturday Night Live sketches into films should take a page from the makers of this little gem. If the script for your idea doesn't merit a full 110 minutes, pare it down. This movie's 80 minute running time is perfect to tell this gory tale and Sergio Leone homage. A virus turned most of the populace into the walking dead some 80 years ago, and now the only thing that keeps them at bay in the new West are bounty hunters. They get paid for the severed thumbs of the zombies they kill. The highlights are excellent make-up, and very realistic gore effects. The script and acting are both very good, a film that we both heartily recommend you view. 


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