Saturday, May 28, 2011


The Battery 2012 - **1/2 "In baseball, the term battery refers collectively to the pitcher and the catcher, who may also be called batterymen or batterymates of one another". (Wikipedia)

When we say this is a low budget film we mean it, it was shot for $6000.00. This does not detract from this tale of Ben and Mickey, two youngish baseball players who find themselves trying to survive and cope with one another's disparate personalities during the apocalypse.

This slice of life tale is engaging from start to finish largely due to its realism. The two act and respond to events around them the way normal people would given the circumstances, and this makes both characters endearing for different reasons.

The film was written, directed by, and stars Jeremy Gardner who clearly has talent in all of these aspects. We hope that he is given the opportunity to try his hand at larger projects. We recommend this film without reservation.

Beyond Re-Animator 2003 - **1/2 This third installment in the Re-Animator series feels like a bit of a let down after waiting thirteen years for its arrival. Jeffrey Combs returns as Herbert West, who finds himself in jail for his crimes. It isn't long before he gets his hands on his reagent and mayhem ensues. There is a decent amount of well done gore, one wishes there would have been more. Though it is by far the weakest of the trilogy, it is still well worth a look. Producer Brian Yuzna has said that he has plans for a second trilogy, "House Of Re-Animator", "Re-Animator Unbound", and "Re-Animator Begins". Let's hope he can get the financing needed for such a large venture, and they can get scripts to match the quality of the earlier films.

BFF Zombie 2012 - ** This is an amusing 22 minute short film that we remember reading about at Kickstarter some time ago. It is well made, and gave us a chuckle at its climax. The makeup is well done, though we would have preferred the violence more graphic. We present the full version below for your enjoyment.

Bloodlust Zombies 2011 - * First the good news. We got quite a few laughs watching this, though most of them were not intentional on the part of the film makers. Now for the bad. The most well known actor here is porn star Alexis Texas, this should speak volumes. Overall the acting is very bad, the script is amateurish, and so are the gore effects. These are not Romero zombies as they are created by a viral agent to aid in the war effort. The film does though contain enough nudity, and ridiculous dialogue to make it entertaining in a very "B" way. We'd recommend it for bad movie night, but most certainly not as a zombie film for the enthusiast.

Bloodsuckers From Outer Space 1986 - * Is this a comedy ? A parody ? Certainly it is a Troma film derivative, without Troma's cleverness. Check out the sample below if you must for a small sample.

Bride Of Re-Animator 1990 - ***1/2 Though not quite as inspired as the original, it is time well spent for the gore and more. One of the better sequels in the horror genre. As soon as one hears the Re-Animator theme you know you're in for a treat, we are huge Jeffrey Combs fans.

Burial Ground 1985 - ** Also known as "Zombie 3: Nights Of Terror". A very mediocre Italian entry known mostly for it's truly creepy incestuous scene near the end with an odd looking man-child, and ridiculous looking zombies. We can't resist after the trailer is the notorious incest scene courtesy of youtube. Oedipus be damned, I love you Ma !!!

Burn Big Bird, Burn 2011 - *** We present an enjoyable little short film from our Twitter friends James and Dean from animation is as impressive as the premise, and we are looking forward to their first feature length zombie puppet film. Check it out below:

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